About Us

Well hey there. Welcome to my little corner of the internet. My name is Kathryn, I am a almost 27 year old Primary School teacher who resides in Adelaide, South Australia.

This is my husband Matt

We have a dog, Zelda

and a cat Nala (our animals had to have to princess names)

Matt and I are essentially the same person, except he is a little more extroverted than me. This blog will mostly be run by me, but at some points Matt might want to contribute posts or ideas.

Collectively we like Disney and everything Disney entails, reading, travelling, food, animals, movies and tv shows and annoying each other. 

Matt enjoys playing tennis and collecting retro games and consoles.

I enjoy sewing when I have the energy and collecting novelty handbags.

Most of the photos on this blog will be taken with my iPhone 7 plus or my Canon S110. Occasionally if I'm feeling adventurous I might be bothered to take out our Canon Kiss X4.