Lazy Oaf wish list

2:51 AM

I have lusted over Lazy Oaf for years, literally. When we went to London at the start of 2016 I went into their store in Carnaby and just wanted everything, but bought nothing. I do not own a single piece of Lazy Oaf. For someone who looks at their site on an almost daily basis you think I would by now but I am so bad at treating myself and their clothes are on the pricy side, by my standards anyway. I am a sales queen and will rarely buy anything that isn't ridiculously cheap. 

My goal for this year is to buy a piece of Lazy Oaf. 
If I don't buy something by the end of the year can someone please slap me. 

Anyway, they have just released their Spring/Summer rang (UK based company) and I am wanting everything! I did manage to narrow it down though to my top 5, so here we go.

What would be on your wish list?

Thanks for stopping by!

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