Lush Haul

12:12 AM

How good is Lush? 

When I heard they had released their Easter range I knew I had to get something. I always miss out on the special ranges because I am far too slow in getting into a store. I know I could buy online, but they haven't invented the ability to smell through a screen yet and I like to smell everything.
We headed down to the Marion store at Westfield last Sunday and picked up a couple of things we needed, a couple we didn't and of course a few from the Easter range.

The first thing I had my eye on was the ever famous Golden Egg. It is so glittery that even picking it up left the thickest layer of gold glitter all over my fingers. It's a bath melt which means that it is full of butters and oils that just make your skin feel so silky smooth after it's great. This one obviously will also leave you with a nice golden shine which is just an added bonus. 

The second Easter item I picked up was the Bunch of Carrots. These carrots are reusable bubble bars, all you do is swish them around in your bath to create however many bubbles you like, then place them to the side to use next time. Genius! These carrots are made from Sicilian lemon, bergamot and buchu oils so they smell amazing.

Unfortunately that was all in the range of bath bombs etc that the Marion store had from the Easter range and I wasn't quite satisfied leaving it at that, so in the basket hopped Rose Bombshell. I've had this one before so I knew I liked it. It has such a lovely floral smell to it and as the outer shell breaks away in the bath all these petals burst out and float in the bath, it's magnificent. 

The last bath bomb we picked up, well actually, Matt picked up was Guardian of the Forest. He has specifically told me I am under no circumstances to use it, he even told me not to look at it. I can't help myself though, it is so beautiful. It has such a masculine smell to it, I might have to convince him to share it with me. It has cypress oil, rosewood oil, lime oil and oakmoss absolute. Surely I'm not the only girl who likes masculine smells?

Next into the basket was a pot of Kalamazoo which is a face and beard wash, as Matt was out. Matt uses this daily and it makes his face smell all pineapple-y, it's amazing. Admittedly too I have used it when I have forgotten to use my usual Ultrabland.

The last thing in our basket was a Charity Pot. We look at these every time we go into Lush but we have never bought one. Popping this in our basket was actually Matt's idea and it was a last minute at the counter purchase. I haven't used it properly yet but Matt has been using it on his hands and was amazed at how quickly it made his hands super soft. 100% of the profit (besides taxes) from the sales of these pots goes to whatever charity is on the top of the pot. The proceeds of our purchase went to the Oceania Project. 

What's your favourite Lush product? Do you have any recommendations? 

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