One Year Home Anniversary

1:40 AM

Buying a house was a challenge, mainly due to the fact that we also love to travel. Just over two years ago we were told that the owner of our rental wanted to sell and that meant we had to move. Even though it was only our second rental we were sick of having to move, especially with a cat in tow. We made the decision to move in with Matt's parents for a year and save up for a house. I am so thankful that we had that opportunity and can't thank Matt's parents enough for having us. Living there for a year meant we not only got to buy a house but we also went to Europe in that year.

When we started looking for a house we knew what we wanted. We wanted an old character home that was liveable. Previously living in newer built houses we knew that wasn't what we were after and we loved looking at old bungalows and cottage style homes. We weren't meant to look at our house but I am so glad we did. The moment we walked in I was in love. The next weekend we bought Matt's parents to have a look and they looked at everything my rose-coloured glasses didn't, such as does it have enough linen space? Has it been rewired? etc etc Of course we got a building inspector but they looked at the practicality of the house and didn't just gush over the high ceilings and giant fireplaces.

We worked hard to get our loan sorted and even put in an offer before our loan had come through. After some negotiations we signed the papers on our 1920s corner block home, with a shop front lounge room that used to be a school canteen (fitting for a teacher, right?)

So we have been in the house for a year. Thankfully when we bought the house all the hard work was done, new kitchen, new bathroom, rewired, so we haven't had to put any money into the house. Matt and his brother built a fence to make the backyard a little more private but that is the only major change we have made. If we had more money, I would re-do the bathroom as it wasn't done very well and isn't to my taste, but alas, we travel too much. 

We have made it through a whole year in this house and I grow more in love with it everyday. It feels so good waking up every morning knowing I don't have to move any day soon. 

Here are some photos of my favourite areas of the house. It's a big house but considering it's just the two of us we only really use three rooms. There is still lots I want to add but for now I am comfortable and this is my home.

Quilt cover from Adairs, bed frame from Focus on Furniture

Couch from Focus on Furniture, pots and stands from Kmart, Flamingo print from Ettie Ink

Koala print from Pete Cromer, TV unit from Ikea, plant basket from Kmart

Cactus print, pots and stands from Kmart, cabinet and boxes from Ikea, record player from Typo

Pet portraits from Emma Cartwright Art

Rug from Ikea

Conical Flash cancle from Alchemy Produx, rabbit and pineapple frame gifted

Zelda thinking she's going to get a treat
My ridiculous cookie jar collection

 Thanks for visiting, see you again soon :)

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