Disneyland Shanghai

4:31 AM

When I first heard about Shanghai Disneyland opening I just knew I had to go. I mean, Matt and I had already said we were going to go to all the Disneyland Parks before we had children but Shanghai opened after we had said that.

Initially we had only planned to spend 1 day in Disneyland Shanghai. We had just been to the one in Hong Kong (which you can read about here) and that was small enough to do in one day so we figured Shanghai would be the same. How wrong we were!

Stepping into Shanghai Disneyland I was instantly blown away. I mean I am always blown away when walking into a Disney park but seriously have you seen Shanghai's castle? It is freakin' huge! I can't remember the exact order of things we did so I will just give you a run down of my favourite things.

1. Obviously the castle. It is probably, I mean definitely, my favourite castle. It's huge. My only complaint is that I can't live in it. Seriously, just look at this thing.

2. The Tron ride. If you have been on it you'll know what I'm talking about. You sit on it like a motorbike and are then launched into an outdoor area before heading back inside for a Space Mountain-esque ride. It's hands down one of my favourite Disney rides.

3. Pirates of the Caribbean. I went into it expecting it to be the same as the other Pirate rides but it was so much more. Disneyland Shanghai have truly outdone themselves with that ride. We went on it at least 4 times and left wanting more.

4. The attention to detail in everything. There aren't overly a huge amount of thrill rides but there is so much to just see which is why we opted to do two days in the end instead of jut the one we had planned for.

I could write about it all day but this would go on forever. If you are thinking about heading there definitely do! It was well worth the trip and I wish I could go back.

My tips for if you are heading there! 

1. Definitely go in off-peak time. We were fairly lucky with wait times, I have heard it can get pretty busy though. The biggest line for us was the Roaring Rapids, sitting at around 3 hours. We went on it once and then headed straight there on day 2 to get a fast pass.

2. Vegetarian options are limited and aren't that exciting. I had a burger at Stargazer Grill (wasn't advertised on their main menu) and a vegetable stack at Barbosa's Bounty that wasn't overly appetising. Even outside of Disneyland isn't that great so keep that in mind.

3. We encountered a lot of people trying to push in. The children go first and then the parents try and follow. Stand tall and don't let them through, often they are just trying to get to the front. We had a lady hitting our backs and yelling at us but we just ignored her and eventually she stopped. She wasn't meeting anyone, just wanted to get in front.

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