Komodo: Day Two

10:35 PM

We woke up and the sun had barely risen. Matt pointed out how low the tide was. I put my glasses on and saw one of the guides walking along what looked like rocks to get a bag from the boat. We got ourselves ready for the day and headed up to the dining area for breakfast. We had omelette, bread with pineapple jam and coffee. We finished getting organised and then walked out to the dingy to take us to the boat. Our first stop for the day would be Komodo Island which is a 3 hour boat journey from the camp.

Komodo Island

When we got to Komodo Island we walked to the main office where you pay and sat down with a ranger. It cost around $30 each to get into the national park which pays for a personal ranger to take you on a walk. Our ranger was fantastic (I can't remember his name :( ) he was very knowledgeable about the island, the plants and the komodos. We opted for the longest trek, which took us around an hour to complete. We didn't get to see any Komodo dragons on the trek but when we got to the watering hole there were three lazying around. The waterhole is water that is supplied by the locals. 

Seriously felt like Jurassic Park

By the watering hole

On the way back to the harbour we saw a baby dragon and some deer. The baby dragons stay away from the larger ones as they can easily be eaten from the adult dragons. We walked through some souvenir tents and bought a simple wooden komodo magnet. 

Back on the boat we had a simple spaghetti lunch before heading to Pink Beach for a snorkel. Pink beach is pink because of all the coral in the water. We only had an hour there but it was long enough to marvel at the colour of the sand and range of fish swimming in the coral.
Sand at Pink Beach

The next stop for the day was Batu Bolong. Primarily known as a scuba diving spot but our guides said it was also great for snorkelling, however the currents are ever changing so you have to be careful. There was no where for the boat to stop and anchor so we jumped off and the boat drove off. The guides came with us, one in front and one behind, to keep an eye on the currents. We saw a black tip shark that hid almost as fast as we spotted it. I also finally got to see a unicorn fish in the wild! 
We headed back after only a short time because the current was getting too strong.

Batu Bolong

The water was rough on the way back to camp and the journey was long. I was glad to get off the boat when we finally got back. We lazed on the sun lounges and drank warm Bintang for a while. Then we had hermit crab races. We each found a hermit crab, placed it in the middle of a circle and the first crab out won. I won every time.

We showered before heading up to the dining hall for a dinner of burgers and fries while watching the sunset. The guide filled us in on what we were doing the next day before we went back to our hut for bed.

Stay tuned for day 3!

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