An introduction of sorts

11:07 PM

First of all I would like to apologise profusely if you have come here expecting a fan page for Westlife. This page isn't the one you are looking for. Also I apologise for the completely unrelated photo, I just wanted something nice at the top of the page.

There are a number of reasons as to why I wanted to start this blog. Number one though is probably because I just have so much crap I want to say and share with a wider audience. I used to spend each month doing videos, which can be seen here  but I got a bit over it/we stopped doing as much each month so I found that the videos weren't as interesting anymore. I want to see how I go with writing instead, see how long I can keep it up for. I've had blogs in the past but I don't know, we have just got so many exciting trips/events planned this year that I want to share them with the world, which brings me to my next reason.

Number two, I can't sit still. I always have to be doing something which is a. bad for the bank account and b. bad for Matt's sanity. He occasionally enjoys not doing much on the weekends but I can't stand it so we are always out doing something. We also enjoy travelling so I want this to be a platform to document the things we see and do to share not only with a wider audience but for us to look back on when we are old and grey (although Matt is already going grey)

I hope you all stick around for what's the come in the future.

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